It begins with Otto saying that he thrown a Fish at Double D, then Lock Down comes in, But Kevin Sheen attacks Lock Down

Assholes in their DebutEdit

When Kevin Sheen is attacking Lock Down, it cuts to Space, where The Assholes are in and Dean Asshole gets mad at the Car GPS, for saying "Recalculating", and then Dean said "FUCK YOU", then he turns Spaceship to the GTS Wrestling Ring, Cripple H told them to park the Spaceship

Chris Benoit wins The Motherfucking ChampionshipEdit

After Kevin Sheen defeated Rapist Rusev, Plank helps Chris Benoit to win the Motherfucking Championship, then Kamina Jr. comes in, but he runs away from Cripple H, Plank kills Rapist Rusev, and Tags up, with Steelio to win The Butt Bubby Tag Team Belts, Then Cripple H tells Kamina to destroy SV33 and Lydia's Wedding

Wedding DestroyedEdit

Seth K comes in, and destroys the Wedding, Jay Are got tried of being the butt monkey of shit of Kevin and Nazz, Cripple H gets mad and Cancells GTS One Night Sex, but Uncancells it, and fires Seth K

Matches for One Night SexEdit

Co-Kane makes a No hold bar, Six-pack challenge elimination match for The Motherfucking Championship, Where Kamina, Big Daddy V, Bork Lenser, Robo Knight, Super Cena and The Motherfucking Champion Chris Benoit are in it, Co-Kane makes a other match, a Triple Threat Spinner match for The Triple Fuck a Duck Championship, Where Jacob, Clearance and Triple Fuck a Duck Champion Jeff are in it, Then Cripple H puts Co-Kane in a Title match, againest The Pornograpry Champion Samoa Joe, for The Pronograpry Championship, then Arbiter and Master Chief wants The Butt Bubby Tag Team Belts, but Both Tommy Screamer and Optimus Prime, but The UnHolyShit Alliance wants The Butt Bubby Tag Team Belts, so a Fatel-4-Way Tag Team match was made, Jinmay wants the Bitch Belt, but Cripple H, didn't like the idea of Jinmay being the Bitch Belt Champion, so, he makes a Match for Chiro againest a new GTS Supidstar name Killer, in a other Place, Jimmy Neutron, Carl and Sheen Challenge Gay Wyatt and Dick Dynasty in a 6 Man Tag Team match, just Two more Episodes of Kamina's GTS Wrestling till GTS One Night Sex