Extreme Tools is a Upcoming Kamina's GTS Wrestling Steel-Per-View

Match UpsEdit

  1. Arby defeated SV33 to become the Triple Fuck a Duck Champion
  2. UFCM Punk and Chris Benoit defeated Ed and Eddy to become the Butt Buddies Champion (Was Meth Hardy and STD vs Ed and Eddy, but Meth was Missing)
  3. SpringTrap defeated Super Cena Jr. with Super Cena
  4. Bork Laser defeated Team Tarker (Bubbyaustin and Alley turn on Team Tarker and Join Bork Laser)
  5. Jacob (Vore) defeated Josh
  6. Nedville defeated Jacob (Vore)
  7. The Chief defeated Agent Locker
  8. Mike defeated Jim (Jacob is now Pregnant)
  9. Freddy defeated Cryin Daniel Bryan to Retian The Porno Belt
  10. Robo Knight defeated James Storm and Roman Rape in Triple Threat Street Fight to become the Motherfucking Championship
  11. Steven Star vs Cripple H (Cancelled, due to Steven becoming a Asshole)

Gallery Edit